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#BWPhotoChallenge accepted. Got nominated by my fellow creative japinoy photo enthusiast Judd Romano. And, as part of the game, I have to post one nomination each day for five days. Here’s for my second day.

“Give me the music of a nation; I will change a nation’s mind” – plato

[Beyond the chaos]

Street photography CDO
#streetphotography by Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer Govi Murillo

Epic one stringed pinoy street performer with his customized cello at the Gaizano City overpass in Cagayan de Oro City. Every note he strikes resounds his emotions and realizations. Quite a deep musical composition, IMHO and yeah we filmed it alright. Amazed by his disablity that became his BIGGER ability to transcend the noise, the hustle and chaos from the busy streets of the City. God bless this man

Just a side #notetoself. You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography and get your ass out there to take all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you listened, the places you’ve been, the moments you have been through. The streets we traverse has so much poetry… #justsaying

Oh there’s life in the streets…

Till next post..

At this point, I nominate photo buffs Alvs Caasi and DongzKie to jump in and join the trend. #JoinTheFun #SpreadTheMonochromes

Judd hope you like my second monochrome. \m/


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I’m “A jack of all trades who’s interested in any photography, video/film productions or audio-related work that offers me intellectual and creative challenges, ehm like exposure to different people and places (I love traveling a lot, so you can send me to Afghanistan or wherever) I have a BIG room for professional growth. Boom! I’m a passionate story-teller and an experimental junkie. I’m not afraid to cross and break the boundaries of possible and impossible, I believe in a simple philosophy — “impossible can only be found in the foolish dictionary”.

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