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Heya! Brides and Grooms to-be it’s G-man on wedding same-day-edit SDE BTS overview

Owh Heya! Brides and Grooms to-be,


We just wanna share a little bit about ourselves and how our workflow goes on your BIG Day. We wanna share how we dance… seriously dance along the mixed emotions, excitement, the thrill, etc. etc. on your wedding day period.
Filming and dealing with Wedding Same-Day Edits (SDEs) are very motivating and challenging, even more so when dealing with clients that are purist and perfectionists. We know that’s you alright!

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We have videographers/shooters that will candidly and cinematically capture the cracking jokes from the groom, the best man and groomsmen’s quarters. We of course capture the tense part of the brides hours and hours of preparation to make herself along with her entourage extraordinarily beautiful, that will give her Groom a goose bump . As she prepare, we shoot details from ring, to the flowers, to her beautiful white dress, and so on.

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A question might arise like, do you set scenes or drama for the big picture? From what we learned through the years of filming and documenting weddings, we want things to happen as they go, like we don’t set situations or scene to happen. Rather, we prepare the set to make things happen.  Technically we want an easy filming situation like we check the right ambient lighting in your rooms, things are in right place. We don’t want you to appear tense and disturbed so we know how to discretely position ourselves that you won’t even notice we’re there. On the other hand, we regularly check our shotlist for easy workflow ow yeah we do carry a shot list as a reminder to work fast and efficient, like we make sure we have the shots we wanted (specially if you as well have a special scene you want us to capture). Shots of the bride and her maid, her mom with dad, the groom and his best man etc. also in the list if we did took lunch or a quick break. LOL!

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Footages are then collected, sorted and edited before being presented midway through your reception venue. Our onsite editor and assistant sits in front of their monster machine to pick the right scene, angles, moments, tears, laughs, etc. They will neatly splice and slide in their best picked footage (based on the directors treatment) on to their music bed (which they will normally edit at least the night before) believe me it’s tediously challenging. But yeah they work well in hectic situation, they are decision makers. Moving on, after they get their cuts and edits done, our director sits in for polishing and final edits.

Cagayan de Oro's finest wedding videographers
Cagayan de Oro’s finest wedding videographers


Same-day edits have a very high level of concentration needed (for us, your film team), which we hope is not seen or felt during the wedding day, or as we mess around a bit with the details and stuff. To relieve you from a mess-ive scene we would request for a single room that we will turn into a workstation and holding area for the gears (ideally) but we’re flexible, a dead corner with a power source will be alright.
SDE’s requires specific additional help to get completed, meaning our fellow suppliers like the coordinators, florist, the photographers synchronize watches for our timeline (we have a tandem wedding photographers, who we’ve work closely that knows our workflow very well. Tadah! check out our shortlist right here). SDE’s are usually footages from wedding details, pre-ceremony, ceremony and post ceremony, SDE’s are more of a recap of the wedding period. Checkout our VIMEO and YOUTUBE Channels.

We are specific as to what schedule we’re looking at for the “epic moments in motion” get’s set for the BIG screen. However once the edit is complete and ready to show, the rewards for you as the star of the film, your guests and our team are beyond measure! Best of both worlds as we say, a way to make your BIG Day extra special.

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Given reasonable time, SDEs are often color corrected before being presented, if however the SDE is either short or not color corrected due to time restraints or complexity of edit, we will continue the work on them in our studio before making the wedding FILM go public; this will often also be your final highlight film.

Best Regards,
The G Man

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