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what’s your story?

What's your story The year 2013 is coming to a closure. I couldn’t think of a fitting working inspirational mood setting thought to end the year and start a brand new 2014 “year of the horse”. Oh hey now my horsy mind is getting busy. As I was tossing and turning in bed last night a thought came in of a working tag line rather a thought booster or creative motivation for that matter. It simply came in short four words, what’s your story? yeah lad what’s your story? I then started reflecting on the years that has passed, the ups and downs, the good time and the bad, places I’ve been, my kids, my family, the friends I made, the blessings and clients that then became friends, oh no don’t forget the ones who made me enemy too. Anyhow, blah blah blah the list goes on and on that it turned out to be my gratitude letter to myself. Oh yes there’s more to be thankful for in my roller coaster ride. Every person in the creative field of weddings and event photography, in videography and film making etc. has a story to tell in our roller coaster life. Every day a page is written in our book called “LIFE” and yeah at the end of our journey it’s something that we complete and share with our love ones and even haters. Every experience is a paragraph or two. In every page we make comes in the silly, corny and bitter sweet memories into chapters. Our tears, our fears, the joy and sorrow are all words that comprise the pages and define the direction of our expedition. Aside from actually writing my thoughts in that letter to myself. I made some tweaky freaky poster like reminder using some old photos we took, photos of us (yeah scary us), some leaves, oh yeah the fun, the boring what have you. No matter how random and meaningless they are, there’s a story behind each clicks. And yeah I couldn’t believe this introspection made it right here in this bloggy. I’m just sharing the vibe fellas, that feeling of inspiration that runs thru your nerve or two. And I’m just so inspired about the thought “what’s your story?” it’s like something really special that put you together and create the most attractive of poetry, conceive the most interesting saga in photos and films or just even plain words that capture everyone’s inner core with delight and joy. Oh yeah before I end, this could be a brand new name for our photographic and videography team. 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone! -G What's your story 3 What's your story 2 GE DIGITAL CAMERA

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I’m “A jack of all trades who’s interested in any photography, video/film productions or audio-related work that offers me intellectual and creative challenges, ehm like exposure to different people and places (I love traveling a lot, so you can send me to Afghanistan or wherever) I have a BIG room for professional growth. Boom! I’m a passionate story-teller and an experimental junkie. I’m not afraid to cross and break the boundaries of possible and impossible, I believe in a simple philosophy — “impossible can only be found in the foolish dictionary”.

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