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Backpacking in Mindanao : homebound from our short travel to Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

Batangas Calaca Minolta-A1-Days-1

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calaca batangas sunset
backpacking in batangas
sunset batangas calaca philippines

Random backpacking stints in the Philippines is more FUN to be in the company of awesome experienced travel junkies. We made a short trip to Jasaan, Misamis Oriental yesterday and just *yesterday. Four pax of macho chocomucho on the road, the travel cats. 🙂 The trip recharged our spirit soul’s inner core and batteries. We were able to see the majestic waterfalls in Sagpulon Falls and Agutayan Island. This reminded me of my easy camping trips (where you setup your tent, etc. – no hotel rooms, soft bed and more). Co’z we used to travel in group. Specially the big trips we made to shoot for TV/Cable feature, this means big group, the crew, the gears, sponsored plane tickets, the food and drinks, the comfy hotel rooms and many more (the perks you get as a travel filmmaker).

Our recent trip was special (backpacking only, no perks) and made me look back some pics (shot using my Minolta and Nikon F70 film camera) and watch my travel videos i used to produce for local travel/lifestyle channel in the Philippines back then. I specially remember the ones that I’m in solo backpacking trips back in year 20++ where I was starting to experience and explore the great outdoors on solo. One most important reminder I used to write in my mini journal is “make TIME and have FUN” (along with the travel essentials you need for the trip). So factor in “TIME” in you’re travels specially if you’re doing short film and documentary type videos plus having a splashing fun at the same time . What stayed vivid in my poor memory is having to see the sunrise and sunset by the shore which for me personally is the HIGHLIGHT, not the sh?ts we see or smell along the trip. The inconvenience we get would be an adventure for me and I like it.. BOOM!

Anyhow, I’m just getting some inspiration to start my editing. Oh I’m still having the nature hangover from the trip, yeah it was just yesterday…now we’re home. Imma share you an awesome blog by to let you have a glimpse of what I’m talking about. Watch out for our pics and videos soon of the awesome spot (we could have done more shooting, if we had enough TIME) but overall it was an amazing experience to be back with backpacking and easy camping again. And yes we are going back again to these places (*bragging rights? nah I don’t brag, i just wanna throw away my bag of sh?t out of me and have fun) .

Till next post.


batangas calaca sea shore reflection

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