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The pet loving society

A couple of snapshots strike me while on my regular walk/stroll a couple of days ago. Why the CAT woman? 🙂 For most of us we certainly have that special affection to pets, just that comforting effect it gives us sorta best company you have when you are alone. But very seldom you see people, kids, hipsters, gangsters… anyone who have a strong affection to cats. Just wanderin’ why is that?

I have a different take on CAT. For me it means a lot. It stands for something really close to my interest to Culture, Arts and Travel. This goes to say my CAT are photographer, writer, producers, travel buddies, historians and artist a like.



This reminded me of sharing our online TV for pet loving peeps out there. I missed shooting, editing, producing this kind of shows. Does this make me a pet lover too? 🙂 BTW, just for a side note my pet is a “WHITE COW”.

Watch the pet videos here hope you’ll like it.

govimurillo View All

I’m “A jack of all trades who’s interested in any photography, video/film productions or audio-related work that offers me intellectual and creative challenges, ehm like exposure to different people and places (I love traveling a lot, so you can send me to Afghanistan or wherever) I have a BIG room for professional growth. Boom! I’m a passionate story-teller and an experimental junkie. I’m not afraid to cross and break the boundaries of possible and impossible, I believe in a simple philosophy — “impossible can only be found in the foolish dictionary”.

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