Exploring Claveria Misamis Oriental

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Oh hello there, here’s for my comeback post from months of silence since my last post. There’s tons of materials to post not sure where to begin but hey I’ll start with some travel and adventure stint. Last month was a busy bee month for me and my partner, not to mention our 3-month old baby Amidala. We have been busy documenting the preparations and the main 7-day fun filled cultural and local festivities of the 65th Araw ng Claveria : Mais Festival 2015.

Claveria Misamis Oriental Mais Festival 2015 Logo_exploreClaveria

explore claveria by govi murillo

Claveria is a first class municipality in the province of Misamis Oriental, Mindanao. Politically subdivided into 24 barangays. Local Government Unit of Claveria headed by our Mayor Redentor N. Salvaleon, with Tourism Head and Sanguaniang Bayan President Vice-Mayor Meraluna S. Abrogar.

Needles to say there’s a lot more to tell about Claveria. To name a few Giant companies contributing to the economic development of the Municipality of Claveria are Del Monte Foods Company for the Major plantation of pineapples, PMFTC for the massive tobacco plantation and production (badge as the country’s largest cigarette maker). There’s (KOICA) The KOREA INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AGENCY. The Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology (MOSCAT) is a public institution of tertiary education that offers courses in education opportunities at the graduate and undergraduate levels, including short-term courses and high school in Claveria. To explore more about Claveria click here.

Araw ng Claveria 2015 List of Activities

Claveria Misamis Oriental_Mais Festival 2015

We had to stay around at our folks and fill our FB page and ExploreClaveria.com bloggy site with festive photos and short video highlights. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Head over to Explore Claveria FB page and web blog or just hang in there and check it out the videos below.

A short invitation from the Vice-Mayor herself.

Claveria FUN RUN Year 4 | mais festival 2015

Claveria Kasalan ng Bayan 2015

Tree Growing Activity

Claveria Misamis Oriental | Supercross Motocross Competition 2015

For videography and photography assignments, may it be portrait and product photography, weddings or events documentation, special photography and videography assignments for documentary projects, music videos, etc. Drop me a line!

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Experience Great White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro City

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One of the best ways to celebrate summer! The #CDO white water #rafting adrenalin rush, a heart-pounding extreme adventure along the majestic river that runs between #CagayanDeOroCity and #Bukidnon. This was probably one of my risky shoots by far. #TCLphotovideo team and yours truly was commissioned to shoot a corporate team building activity organized by our Manila client. This was their first ever experience, so they made sure to have a hi-res safe keep for the participants to take home. Oh I’de say thanks for inventing the plastic food wraps that served as protection for our camera/gears.

The starting point at Baungon Bukidnon.

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-11

For rafting bookings and inquiries contact them:

Trusty Great White Water Tours @riverraftingcdo for the SAFEST
(100% clean record, guaranteed TWO GUIDES per raft) and most reliable #cdorafting service. Celebrity approved! Call 09177060677 for bookings or log on to http://www.riverraftingcdo.com

For hi-res photos and video documentation. HIRE ME! :-)

Enjoy the splash and the rush!!! Oh that rhymed :-)

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-12

Thumbs up from Manila
Thumbs up from Manila

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-47

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-40

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-5

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-4

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-2

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-3

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-46

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-52

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-53

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-24

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-27

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-42

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-51

Great white water rafting cdo_clicks by_govi murillo-2

Now just go out and feel the rush.

will post the video in the next blog post.

Eden’s Solace Zen-set (Sunset) in Cagayan de Oro

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A secret Zen and serene spot overlooking Cagayan de Oro City’s (smoggy air, yeah I see smog) It’s got some plus and minus over High Ridge and Ultrawinds Mountain Resort tho. Anyho, T’was a pretty perfect time to chase for fiery sunset with couples dating and barkadas chillin’in the foreground…

Eden's solace cdo peeps2

Eden's solace cdo_clicks by govimurillo3

I managed to gear-up for a timelapse test for #CDOCityinMotion, grabbed both my Lumix GH3 (mounted on a Benro Tripod) and Canon T2i cameras at 10 seconds interval at around 5pm, grabbed a book (Living the Brand),, yeah a good place to read and write over a bottle of ice cold bev/beer/fresh juices what have you… Although it was my first time here, yeah my first solo stroll. It looks like I’de be coming back for more with friends and fambamm next time around.. Checkout a few clicks I took in between timelapse.

Eden's solace cdo peeps

Eden's solace cdo_clicks by govimurillo

Eden's solace cdo_clicks by govimurillo2

Will post the timelapse video when it’s done :-) In the next blog post.

Ororama Supercenter Cagayan de Oro City Timelapse

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My Manic Monday drill, Timelapse walklapse combo. Grabbed my Panasonic #GH3, Benro tripod, my android app I was good to go…

Ororama walklapse-2

Here’s what I came up.

Ororama Supercenter CDO Timelapse walklapse teaser from govi murillo on Vimeo.

Ororama Timelapse by Govi Murillo

Our recent Ororama Cdo Superstore timelapse and walklapse combo was shot yesterday… using ‪#‎GH3‬ ‪#‎LUMIX‬ photographed and filmed by Govi Murillo http://www.govimurillo.com of The Creative Lounge and My Wedding Cinema Films. Special thanks to Hannah Kee for the bts/extras clips.

Jedi and Karen prenup music video

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Jedi and Karen Prenup Music Video from mywedding cinema on Vimeo.

http://myweddingcinemafilms.com/ Jedi Dela Cruz and Karen Manguiat’s Prenup Music Video.

Filmed and Edited by: Govi Murillo govimurillo.com/ of The Creative Lounge PH
2nd shooter: Nicholson Jayoma Canonigo
Song: Crosses – Option

I must say I missed shooting a full band music video when we were filming this. It was quite challenging tho given most scenes were under low-lighting condition. But hell yeah my handy dandy gears saved me and came up with this one.

Lumix GH3
Canon 550D
Canon FD 24mm
Canon 50mm
Pentax 50mm

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Bunch of Dirt, Smoke and Glitch Stocks

#KalayoProject : Hannah Kee with Apoy CDO in Initao

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#KalayoProject : Hannah Kee “the fire goddess” with APOY CDO. Cagayan de Oro’s Fire-some Talents.


The fireshow was at the BOY SCOUTS OF THE PHILIPPINES MISAMIS ORIENTAL COUNCIL, 2nd HAPPY MISOR SCOUTS JAMBOREE. Held at Initao Central School, Initao, Misamis Oriental
last December 3-7 2014.

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-22

Fire-some line up are Hannah Kee “the fire goddess”, Miguel Quijada, Micheal Dela Pedra, Jojoe Baculpo, Eloisa Bermudez, Allora Loi. Masters in POI, Fire stick, Fire Fan, Fire-breathing tricks, and more.

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-2

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-4

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-3

for bookings and inquiries:
call or text
0906-778-9364 | 0975-201-5572

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-5

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-18

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-17

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-16

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-15

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-14

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-13

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-12

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-11

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-10

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-9

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-8

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-7

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-6

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-21

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-20

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-23

firedancers in cagayan de oro_poi_cdo_hannah_kee-19

B-Bu-Q Barbecue Haus re-opened in Iligan City with CDO Firedancers

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Hannah Kee and Apoy CDO’s awesome burning tandem (its a fireshow yeah!) is burning flames and making waves outside of Cagayan de Oro City. CDO’s best firedancers / fire-artist hits Iligan City beybeh, the City of majestic waterfalls. We’re talking about 23 waterfalls dispersed in the City’s 44 barangays. The most famous among them is the majestic Maria Cristina Falls, which is one of the main sources of hydroelectric power for the Mindanao region. Here’s one (Tinago Falls / Hidden Falls)

Tinago Falls, Iligan City (wide)

Oh hey, but we’re not there for the plunge tho. Last August 29, 2014 we sorta got a out-of-town performance gig away from toxicity of CDO. It’s the re-opening of the famous B.Bu.Q Barbecue Haus in Iligan. One of the best, if not the only best Bar & Grill in the city. Watch the travel film styled video photographed and filmed by yours truly. Enjoy!

BBUQ Barbeque Haus with CDO Firedancers in Iligan City from govi murillo on Vimeo.

It was a ‘grillsome’ (awesome) experience (unfortunately, not for me a edgy veggie freak – wish they had vegan / veggie barbecues). It was inspiring to see the owners who are pretty hands-on with the business. They say it was a labor of love. Thinking of shooting a short documentary video of how their business started and expanded. More of a inspirational success story. If you want to hangout with your friends and family. Expecting great deals from Iliganons this spot is for your. Enjoy great ambience and great food.

The Creative Lounge | Photo + Digital Films

The Creative Lounge | Photo + Digital Films

The Creative Lounge | Photo + Digital Films

The Creative Lounge | Photo + Digital Films

The Creative Lounge | Photo + Digital Films

The Creative Lounge | Photo + Digital Films

The Creative Lounge | Photo + Digital Films

The Creative Lounge | Photo + Digital Films

FiredancersCDO_in_IliganCity_BBuQ_barbecue hauz_groupshots-7

Invite us to one of your upcoming business opening or any event for that matter. Have us perform and document your happening simultaneously. Book us and check out contact section of my webby.

Unleashing the power of NEF with Lightroom 5

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I’ve been planning to blog how I love shooting RAW period. [ #weshootRAW ] The list of benefits, the quality, the details, the prints, the list goes on and on compared to JPEG. In RAW you got to see more colour space over JPEG.. what’s lost? a lot.. It’s just a pro option. Anyhow I’m not here to blob about comparisons. I’m just here to share the power! Wanna know more? shoot me an email or hit [contact] and will tell you more.

marichu julius before after

marichu julius before after 5

This engagement session was shot entirely RAW. Specifically a Nikon D7000, 50mm, 10-20mm lenses. NEF stands for Nikon Electronic Format (NEF; Nikon’s proprietary RAW format). Here’s a good read at http://photographyconcentrate.com/10-reasons-why-you-should-be-shooting-raw/

Locations: Alabang Town Center and NUVALI Sta. Rosa Laguna.
Photographed and Filmed by: Ram Pangan and Kirt Murillo both from The Creative Lounge PH and My Wedding Cinema Films
Instigator / Post-processing / Editing by: yours truly Govi Murillo

marichu julius before after 2

marichu julius before after 3

marichu julius before after 4

For more wedding photography and videos checkout: http://myweddingcinemafilms.com/

Basic Post Processing workflow using Lightroom 4 and Adobe Photoshop CS5

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My Basic Post Processing workflow using Lightroom 4 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Photoshop Lightroom Outsource Edits by Govi Murillo
Photoshop Lightroom Outsource Edits by Govi Murillo

*Basic Color Correction
*Black and White tone (B&W)

Raw files from Nikon D40 / D90 NEF dumped straight from SD card to Lightroom.

Song: El Ten Eleven – Transition Remix

Learn how it’s time to pick a photography editing dude that will make a great partner for your studio or photography team.

Outsource your photo editing! And save time!

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As wedding videographer | Jodi + Christine Wedding Day SDE

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Jodi and Christine’s garden wedding was held at Chali Beach Resort Cagayan de Oro last May 5, 2014.

Coordination by Tipoy Baang-Piquero of Renzeez Events
Videography by My Wedding Cinema Films
Photography by : Blues Marquez Photography | Blues Marquez
HMUA: Touched by Frank Tongco

#myweddingcinemafilms #epicmomentsinmotion
#whatsyourstory #letsfilmyourstory #thecreativeloungeph

#myweddingcinemafilms #epicmomentsinmotion
#whatsyourstory #letsfilmyourstory #thecreativeloungeph

Elvis and Sharon’s Engagement Photo Video Session Behind-the-scenes BTS

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Elvis Plaza and Sharon Bacon’s Engagement / Prenup shoot was a two day grind. First set we did our photo video shoot at Initao-Libertad Lasang Secret Adventure and Midway white sand beach resort. Day 2 shooting spot was in Malasag Eco-Tourism and Gardens as well as Stargate Dream Vacation Resort at our last stop. Sharing a few clicks below.

clicked and edited by www.govimurillo.com

clicked and edited by www.govimurillo.com

clicked and edited by www.govimurillo.com

clicked and edited by www.govimurillo.com

clicked and edited by www.govimurillo.com

Photographers and Videographers: Govi Murillo and Dave Murillo for My Wedding Cinema Films | head over their website http://myweddingcinemafilms.com/

photographed by The Creative Lounge PH

photographed by The Creative Lounge PH

photographed by The Creative Lounge PH


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Say what?

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Smart phone cameras galore at a recent Philippines 'Royal Wedding' Smart phone cameras galore at a recent Philippines ‘Royal Wedding’

Silicon Valley, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) has filed a class-action law suit in San Francisco alleging that smart phone manufacturers like Apple, Nokia and Samsung have all but killed their profession and business.

There was a time when weddings were a profitable source of income for professional photographers and videographers, but all that has changed since smart phone companies started to manufacture and market their products that included high-resolution cameras and video recorders.

This situation couldn’t have been more evident than during the December 30 wedding of Philippine actress Marian Rivera and actor Dingdong Dantes, held in Quezon City (see photo) . Nevermind that it was labeled the “Wedding of the Century” and a “Royal Wedding;”  the couple decided not to hire a professional wedding photographer.  Instead, in their wedding invitation, they…

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