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Hey ya’ll Govi here!

What's your story 3

Welcome to my random and static blog/vlog! Not much of a fancy writer, but hey! this could be the start. This right here is my rant board, art board, whatever you name it! The sanctuary of a thriving independent and experimental media producer, digital photographer, filmmaker/videographer, musician, etc. etc. etc.

I’m really not good at introductions…specially if its about ME. Anyhow, will try may modest way tho.

Here.. I’m “A jack of all trades who’s interested in any photography, video/film productions or audio-related work that offers me intellectual and creative challenges, ehm like exposure to different people and places (I love traveling a lot, so you can send me to Afghanistan or wherever) I have a BIG room for professional growth. Boom! I’m a passionate story-teller and an experimental junkie. I’m not afraid to cross and break the boundaries of possible and impossible, I believe in a simple philosophy — “impossible can only be found in the fools dictionary”.

I like experimenting with my photography and video concepts for babies, kids and parents, weddings, events and corporate activities, portrait and product photography, pre-natal, new born and other assignments.

With years of experience in both audio and video production in both INDIE and Mainstream local TV networks in the Philippines, GMA 7, ABS-CBN, Studio 23 what have you. I love tinkering gadgets from tablets to PCs (I use between the apple and the window).

All of these then fathered the ever growing companies Se7en Oclock Productions + OntheRoad Productions, Inc. an all-inclusive multimedia company that provides value-for-money solutions for your media marketing, design, documentation and communication needs. The company has been working with other outsourcing companies/agencies and production outfit in the Philippines and abroad.

A team player who is hands-on, creative, task-oriented, results-driven and hardworking, likes working with timeline with tight deadlines. A veggie geeky freaky vegetarian advocate, a clean living lifestyle, loves pizza and travel…

“I am what I am”

The wandering soul,

If you guys have a project in mind or anything that would require a media producer, videographer, photographer. Just hit me here. Or you can go to [Contact].

Services Offered:

Video Productions – short films, documentaries, music video, promotional/promo videos, events, weddings, editing, motion graphics and video editing

Photography – events, parties, weddings, product shoots, portraits, head shots, photo retouching, post-processing

Audio/Music – musical arrangement, music recording, commercial jingles, album mixing and mastering

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